Remember what life was like before TV?

News took days or weeks to spread. Sure times were slower and some people liked it, but everything was really inefficient. Plus, kids were bored.

Once video killed the radio star it was game on! People could access world news faster than you could say “Rupert Murdoch.” With the flip of a switch, you were informed. Television opened the door for endless entertainment. From sports games to Newscasts and MTV the only restriction for watching TV was

that you had to have a TV, well, that, and your parents’ house rules. Otherwise, you could watch something in just about any establishment.

Nowadays, people are on the go. There are millions of workers constantly on the move and there is less time to sit and enjoy the news or watch highlights from the game you missed the night before. Heck! You probably don’t even have time to read this article. The point is — we want instant access to news, events and quality entertainment as quickly as possible — EVERYWHERE!

Watch as TV Button inside the VBoard Fleksyapp

With that in mind, Fleksyinvited VBoard to create a Fleksyapp that will let you watch TV inside your smartphone while you text your friends.

The benefits are enormous and the capabilities are endless, or should we say, cablebilities. You can watch Barstool Sports clips as you type a message to your buddy. If you like the clip, why not be able to share it instantly.

Your friend says, “Did you catch the game last night?!” You didn’t, so, you tap on the VBoard Fleksyapp inside your message, and watch it while you respond to their text at the same time. Maybe you even respond with an “Oh you mean this one?” as you share it with them to show how quick-witted and tech-savvy you are.

MSNBC, CBS, TicToc, NY1, NowThis, Cheddar and more are instantly available on deck News sources, but it doesn’t stop there. Choose from categories for things such as Food, Music, Sports, Games or general Life. Find things from ESPN, Foodnetwork, Tastemade, Vevo, Refinery29, TwitchPrime, Harpersbazaar, Genius and tons more!

Stay on top of the latest trends and always know what’s happening in the world. Information is everything and it’s at your fingertips now more than ever before, with the VBoard Fleksyapp!

How do you currently watch and share the news? Will this change your morning routine? ☕️📰

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